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Never drop the Call with AI

On average, 6 out of 10 calls made to businesses go unanswered. One missed call could cost a business thousands of dollars in missed revenue. Does this happen to your business? Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with AI Top Dog.

Answer every call and capture every inbound lead, 24/7.

  Free 14-day trial,  No credit card required

Done For You AI 24/7 

Phone Operator

Elevate Your Dental Practice with AI Assistants:
Unleash the Power of AI for Inbound and Outbound Patient Communication.

AI Top Dentist in a Nut Shell 

24/7 Customer Service

AI Voice Operator

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AI Text Messages

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  • ​​​Call Routing
  • ​Debt Collection
  • ​​Payment Reminders
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Outbound/Inbound Marketing
  • ​​Answering FAQs
  • ​Event Booking
  • Appointment Setting
  • ​Birthday Wishes
  • ​Feedback Surveys
  • ​Requesting Reviews
  • ​Recorded Conversations
  • ​Realtime Analytics
  • ​​CRM Dashboard
  • ​Appointment Reminders
  • ​Customer Onboarding
  • ​Staff Training and Onboarding
  • ​HIPAA Compliance
  • ​TCPA Compliance
  • ​​PCI Compliance

Eliminate Appointment Scheduling Stress:
Integrate AI Assistants for Smooth Dental Practice Management.

Refine every facet of your dental office operations.
Enable your team and patients to reach their oral health goals more efficiently.

Extend Office Hours, Not Your Team

AI enables 24/7 patient support, providing instant, personalized assistance, and accurate information. With AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, your dental practice can promptly address patient inquiries, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. Utilizing AI for round-the-clock support increases efficiency, fosters a positive perception of your practice, and enhances patient retention.

Accelerate Your Dental Practice Operations

AI automates tasks, utilizes advanced algorithms, and swiftly analyzes data, streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and saving time for your dental practice. With AI, manual processes are automated, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Advanced algorithms optimize workflows, enhancing productivity. AI's data analysis capabilities extract insights, enabling quicker, data-driven decision-making. Embrace AI for operational excellence and a competitive advantage in dental care.

Proactively Engage with Patients

AI equips dental practices to proactively engage with patients. Through predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, AI can identify patterns, preferences, and behaviors to anticipate patient needs. It enables personalized outreach, delivering targeted reminders, recommendations, and offers to patients at the right time.

Answer FAQs with Voice / SMS AI

AI enables dental practices to offer 24/7 phone support for answering FAQs from patients and staff members. By leveraging AI-powered voice assistants, your dental office can provide immediate and accurate responses, enhancing satisfaction and productivity. This around-the-clock availability improves efficiency, reduces workload, and fosters seamless communication.

Capture Leads, Increase Appointment Bookings

Maximize patient engagement and boost conversions with AI-powered call handling. By promptly answering every call, AI captures patient details, books appointments on the spot, and streamlines operations. With advanced speech recognition and automation, your dental practice can enhance the patient experience, improve efficiency, and achieve higher conversion rates. Let AI optimize your conversations for enhanced engagement and increased appointment success.

Effortlessly Scale Dental Practice Operations

AI can handle a high volume of calls, SMS messages in the language of your patients' preference. With its multilingual capabilities and natural language processing, AI ensures seamless communication, providing support and assistance in various languages. This enables your dental practice to cater to a diverse patient base, enhance patient satisfaction, and expand its reach effortlessly.

Your AI Dental Assistant is Always On Duty

Chatbots can serve your patients around the clock. Patients seek information when it suits them best - your AI dental assistant will always be there to cater to their needs.

Every Missed Appointment is Potential Lost Revenue

Missed calls can have a significant cost – immediate loss of potential appointments and a long-term impact on practice growth. 

Harness the power of AI with AI Top Dentist, the 24/7 assistant that answers calls, schedules appointments, and handles patient inquiries. 

Maximize revenue potential, enhance patient satisfaction, and free up valuable time for your dental team. Don't let missed calls turn into missed opportunities – let AI Top Dentist take the lead!

Don't waste your money on hiring new staff, AI can do it for you


AI Schedules Appointments on Your Behalf

Never miss an opportunity to connect with potential patients. AI answers every call and schedules appointments instantly.

AI Top Dentist excels when paired with our powerful dashboard. AI can check your next availability and suggest it to patients in real-time, resulting in more appointments!

Designed for Dental Practices of All Sizes

Whether you run a small dental clinic or a large practice, that one missed call could cost you thousands in lost income.

You might receive 20 or 2,000 calls a week, but with AI Top Dentist, you never have to worry about missing another patient inquiry or appointment opportunity again.

Answer FAQs Any Time of the Day

Chances are, you have answers to the most commonly asked questions right on your website. Why not assist patients with self-service?

When your patients call, AI Dental Pro can assist with real-time resolution by directing them to the relevant section on your website. AI Top Dentist can also send an SMS with more information if required.

24/7 and After Hours, We've Got You Covered

Extend service hours beyond the regular office timings without hiring additional staff. Support your patients, qualify leads, and resolve common inquiries even when your office is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 Steps to getting started with AI Top Dentist?

Step 1: Choose the option best for your business. 
Step 2: Complete our simple onboarding form that will take less than 5 minutes. 
Step 3: Schedule a call with your personal Human AI Assistant to review your new sms AI Assistant.   
Step 4: Launch your AI Top Dentist SMS / Voice Operator
Step 5: Test Ai Live Phone Operator Assistant 
Step 6: Reroute inbound sales calls to your new ai phone operator 
Step 7: Review recorded conversations from SMS / Phone calls in your custom dashboard. 

Why AI Top Dentist?

AI Top Dentist is a leading  AI voice and SMS solution provider based in the USA. Our conversational voice AI assistants enable businesses to proactively engage with their customers and automate customer service conversations. That's greater efficiency, improved outcomes, and most importantly, a better customer experience.

What is a Voice Al Assistant?

Voice AI assistants are specialized ‘digital workers’ that are powered by smart AI technology.

Voice AI assistants are becoming increasingly popular, due to their ability to understand natural language and interact with customers in a more natural and human-like way. They can help automate routine tasks, such as scheduling appointments or ordering products, as well as provide personalized customer service.

AI Top Dentist's voice AI assistants are designed to make and take phone calls to help businesses improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Read more...

What is an AI SMS Assistant?

SMS AI Bots "Text" assistants are specialists with ‘digital workers’ that are powered by smart AI technology.

SMS AI Bot assistants are becoming increasingly popular, due to their ability to understand natural language and interact with customers in a more natural and human-like way. They can help automate routine tasks for SMS  customers, such as scheduling appointments answering frequently asked questions or even ordering products, as well as providing personalized customer service.

AI Top Dentist's SMS AI Bot assistants are designed to help convert website traffic into paying customers while helping businesses improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. 

How can Text Messaging  work for my business? 

AI-powered text messaging offers businesses numerous benefits, including automated customer support, instant responses, personalized interactions, appointment reminders and notifications, lead generation, and marketing capabilities, surveys and feedback collection, and seamless integration with CRM and backend systems. 

By leveraging AI technology, businesses can streamline customer communication, enhance efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. AI text messaging provides quick, accurate, and personalized responses, leading to enhanced customer engagement and business growth.

Simple answer: All of your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google leads can be routed into an sms conversation. 
Text messages have a 98% open rate! 

How do Voice Al assistants help businesses grow?

From answering incoming calls 24/7 to booking appointments for your business, AI Top Dentist's voice AI assistant takes care of routine tasks for you, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

The AI assistant can answer inbound calls, chat with customers and prospects, and find out the details of their initial queries. They can point callers to your FAQs page by sending SMS, offer a basic resolution, and take down contact details and preferred times for an appointment. The whole process is automated from start to finish, reducing the call workload for your team and bumping up efficiency.

What is conversational Al?

Conversational AI is a set of technologies that enable computers to understand and process natural language inputs so they can ‘talk’ with humans. Put simply, they allow us to interact with machines in the same way that we do with other humans.

Unlike computer language, which has defined rules and operates in zeros and ones, human language is highly nuanced. The differences in how we communicate make it challenging for computers to understand us. The value of Conversational AI lies in bridging this communication gap between humans and computers to achieve more natural and useful interactions – whether it’s having a live in-app chat, or making a voice call. Read more...

AI Creates Opportunities, Every Time

Easy to use and quick to implement, AI Top Dentist is designed for dental practices of all sizes. Elevate your inbound call handling capabilities with AI Dental Pro today.

"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
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